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Donor Sperm Storage: Choose Now, USe LAter


Banking Your Own Sperm: Preserving Your Future



Donor Sperm Storage: Choose Now, Use Later


Two Ways We Make it Easier for You:

Vial Buy & Store

You find the donor you want now and you want to guarantee availability in the future.


You have one child by a donor and would like to plan a second child by the same donor.

Instead of keeping your fingers crossed for potential availability in the future, buy doses now and store them. This is the only way to guarantee the availability of your donor, since it is already put aside for you. With this decision, you won't find yourself disappointed if he sells out at a later time. A donor's availability is always subject to change and he can sell out at any time; being prepared makes sense.

All semen specimens are stored in liquid nitrogen tanks equipped with automatic fill devices and alarm systems. CLI offers several different billing options, including monthly and more economical long-term storage agreements. Patients pay one fee (see below) regardless of how many specimens they choose to store. Specimens in storage may be shipped to the health care provider of your choice for the current handling and shipping charges. They can also be shipped to your home if the appropriate home consent forms have been completed.

For complete list of current fees

Storage Service- Effective January 1, 2012
Semen Specimens / Patient- monthly $40.00
Semen Specimens / Patient - Pre-paid 6 months $200.00
Semen Specimens / Patient- Pre-paid 1 Year $395.00
Semen Specimens / Patient- Pre-paid 2 Year $670.00
Semen Specimens / Patient- Pre-paid 3 Years $985.00
Semen Specimens / Patient- Pre-paid 5 Years $1340.00
Semen Specimens/ Patient- Pre-paid 10 Years $2400.00
Semen Specimen Release Handling Fee $45.00


Volume Discounts:

Buy 6 vials and receive 1 year free storage

Buy 8+ vials and receive 2 years free storage


Vial Buy Back

You may return any unused specimens that were purchased at regular prices and have never left our facility and receive half the original purchase price back.

This includes ANY specimen purchased at ANY time. There are also NO limits to the number of vials you can return for this partial refund. There are NO RESTRICTIONS regarding the status of a client's account. Please note that our Vial Buy Back program is not offered on specimens that have been transferred by the original owner.

A major west coast cryobank has a vial buyback program as well, but there are several important differences. That cryobank's program is NEW, started in August of 2005. Only vials purchased after this date are eligible for a 50% of purchase price buyback. Its program has LIMITS to the number of vials that apply and the repurchase must occur BETWEEN 6-24 MONTHS after the original purchase. Also, RESTRICTIONS apply to the status of client accounts.

CLI's is a simpler and clearly superior deal: If you want to return vials, CLI will repurchase them at 50% of their original purchase price. We have no strings or conditions other than requiring that the vials have not left our facility.



Banking Your Own Sperm: Preserving Your Future


Cryopreserved specimens, when properly stored will remain viable for an indefinite period of time. Cryogenic Laboratories has been offering sperm cryopreservation and long-term storage at our Roseville, MN facility since 1970.  We also provide long-term storage for patients who have their specimens frozen at other facilities.

For more information on sperm banking or to schedule an appointment, please feel free to call 800-466-2796.

Appointment times are available Monday through Friday at our Roseville, MN facility.

For those unable to collect at a clinic, find out about our sperm banking mail in kit: Priority Male (TM)

View our policies and fees for sperm banking and storage.

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