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Embryo Storage at Cryogenic Laboratories, Inc.
Cryogenic Laboratories, Inc. (CLI) has remained the leader in the industry by maintaining our unwavering commitment to a higher standard of cryobanking. We are more than a sperm bank-we are a medically oriented laboratory and cryobank, dedicated to preserving the hopes of men and women.

Although we've helped make the use of frozen sperm for assisted reproductive procedures commonplace, we are now working with our sister company and offering long-term embryo and oocyte storage. Our goal, as the leader in the field of cryopreservation, is to use the expertise and knowledge we have gained to give life to others.


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Cryogenic Laboratories, Inc. is one of a few cryobanks in the country who are inspected and accredited by the American Association of Tissue Banks. Having passed rigorous inspections of every aspect of our operation, from semen acquisition and storage practices to quality control, quality assurance and record keeping. We're also proud to be:

CLI maintains a full staff of cryotechnicians trained in reproductive biology led by our Ph.D., HCLD Laboratory Director.

Our facility is equipped with the latest technology. Embryos are stored in vapor phase liquid nitrogen tanks that are not dependent on electricity to keep embryos frozen. This technology provides for the storage of specimens in the vapor phase 100% of the time, thus eliminating the slight risk of infectious disease transfer possible in liquid phase tanks. These storage tanks are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The safekeeping of your embryos for many years is completely assured.

Economical Storage Fees:
Storage fees are per storage client, regardless of the number of embryos being stored. All fees must be paid in full in US dollars prior to shipment or transfer of frozen specimens. Credit cards (Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover), Money Orders, and Cashiers Checks accepted. No personal checks accepted. CLI does not charge storage fees for semen when clients are storing embryos with us. Shipping fees may be reduced if a clinic arranges for group shipments from their clinic to Cryogenic Laboratories.

Fee Schedule Effective January 1, 2013
Storage Services                                 Standard       Biohazard
Embryos / Patient- Monthly $40.00        $60.00
Embryos / Patient- Pre-paid 1 Year $395.00        $590.00
Embryos / Patient- Pre-paid 2 Years $670.00        $1005.00
Embryos / Patient- Pre-paid 3 Years $985.00        $1475.00
Embryos / Patient- Pre-paid 5 Years $1340.00        $2010.00
Embryos/ Patient- Pre-paid 10 Year $2400.00        $3600.00
Shipping Services
FedEx Overnight- One Tank 220.00  
Embryo Handling (removal from storage)45.00  


What Is Involved?
Patients desiring our services should call us at: 1-800-489-2294 or 651-489-0420 (Roseville, MN). Everyone who wants to store embryos with us must complete an embryo storage contract which defines storage terms and costs. Embryos are transferred to our Embryo Storage facility in liquid nitrogen shippers, which we supply, by highly reliable overnight air couriers to assure safe delivery and maintenance of storage temperature during transport. Cryogenic Laboratories, Inc. recommends that two tanks be used when shipping multiple straws/vials to or from the clinical facility and Cryogenic Laboratories, Inc.. Documentation verifying transfer of specimens follows each shipment. Embryos are then stored at optimal conditions for as long as you desire. At your request, we will ship your embryos to the ART clinic you select for future infertility treatment cycles.

With more than 30 years experience in transporting and storing frozen specimens, you can feel assured that your embryos will be cared for safely.

For more information on embryo storage, call 1-800-489-2294

Or please contact:

Cryogenic Laboratories, Inc.
1944 Lexington Ave North
Roseville, MN 55113

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