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Donor Sperm FAQs


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General FAQs- see all

How do I get started?

What information is available on the donors?

Does CLI offer adult photos?

How do I order donor information?

What services does CLI offer to help me select a donor?

What is CLI's privacy policy?

What medical and infectious disease tests do you run on the donors?

Should I be concerned about the donor's blood type?

How often do you get new donors?

Why do donors choose to donate?

What is the donor age range?

How many pregnancies is each donor permitted?

Can I be contacted when a donor I want has a low inventory?

Does CLI offer waitlists?

Can I reserve units for future siblings?

What if the donor I want is sold out? What are my options to get more units?

How do you verify information provided by the donor?

Is there a quality standard that CLI sets for all the donor samples?

Can I use a friend as a donor?

How do I report a pregnancy?

Do you have a vial exchange program?


Online Ordering FAQs- see all

I want to place an order. What are the steps I need to take?

How do I view and/or purchase donor information online?

How do I purchase donor sperm online?

In order to view donor information I download from the website, do I need any specific programs?

How do I view the donor information that I purchased or put into my shopping cart?

What does it mean when it says 'CALL' if a donor sperm sample is available?

Will I get and order confirmation?

At what point can I cancel my sperm order?

What happens if I accidentally do a duplicate order?

How do I remove an item from my shopping cart?

I forgot my password. How can I retrieve it?

I am having a problem ordering online. What should I do?

How long does it take to download an audio file?

What are the shipping methods for donor sperm?

What are the shipping methods for paper (donor information) products?

How safe is it to order online?

What happens to my credit card number?

What do you do with my personal information?

Will you sell my name?

Ordering & Shipping FAQs- see all

Do I have to set up an account before I order and ship?

I am unsure if my physician has an account, what should I do?

Who will the shipment be sent to?  Can I perform a procedure at home?

Do I place my order with you or do I contact my physician to place the order?

When do I need to place my order?

What type of sperm preparation do I need?

How many sperm vials do I need to order?

I have selected a donor but am not ready to place my order. Can you hold units?

When will my order arrive via FedEx?

When will my order arrive via local courier service?

What type of information do you need to place an order?

What should I do once I place an order?

What if I need to return the specimen for storage?

What type of storage options do you offer if I want to purchasing and storing for future use?

How are the sperm specimens shipped?

Do you ship sperm specimens on dry ice?

How long are the specimens maintained frozen in the shipping tanks?

I'm not sure when my procedure is scheduled but want to go ahead and order donor sperm, what are my options?

Can CLI arrange payment of donor sperm with my insurance?


Waitlist FAQs- see all

What is a waitlist?

What does the term 'quarantine' mean?

How do I get my name added to a waitlist?

How long will it take to get units once I get on the waitlist?

How many units can I purchase from the waitlist?

Am I guaranteed units once I am on the list?

Does it matter what number I am on the list?

Will my donor always have a waitlist?

If the waitlist is full for the donor I select, then can I get on another list?

What is the process of ordering once I am offered units?

How often should I call to check on my waitlist status?


Transfer of Ownership- see all

What is a transfer of ownership?

How does a transfer of ownership work for vials stored at CLI?

How does a Transfer of Ownership work when my vials are stored at my clinic (referred to as a Soft Transfer of Ownership)?


Genetic FAQs -see all

What kind of genetic issues are screened for in the donor's health history?

Does the normal chromosome analysis on the donor tell me he has no genetic problems?

Do you look at the genes of the donor for abnormalities?

If my family history is normal and I am healthy, then what is the chance, if I use a CLI donor, to have a child with a birth defect?

If I select a donor with a certain physical feature, what is the chance his offspring would inherit it?

I would like my baby to have a certain eye color, can I select a donor that makes that more likely?

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