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LifeTime Photos


Childhood and Adult Photos


For a limited number of donors, we are offering photos that include childhood, adolescence and adulthood snapshots. Donors who have these photo sets available are designated by a camera icon on the donor search. You can view a photo set sample for each of the two options offered below. Complete instructions for placing an order are found under the heading 'Ready to Order' below.

NOTE: CLI donors 1124, 2739, 4116, 4123, 4170, 4186, 4197, 4315, 4323, 4515, 4560 and 4584 only have Adult/Child photos available. They do not have Lifetime (photo series from childhood to adulthood)

We offer the following two options:

Adult/Childhood photo set: $65.00
(one adult photo and one childhood photo)
View a sample photo set -- click here

Lifetime Series photo set: $95.00
(a series of 5-10 photos that span childhood to adulthood)
View a sample photo set -- click here

READY TO ORDER-- Patients who desire to purchase these photo sets must follow these steps:

1. Download the consent form attached below.

2. Read the agreement carefully and if you agree with the terms, please sign as indicated.

3. Complete the order form information, including payment information. Indicate the type of photo set(s) you are ordering and the donor number(s).

A separate signed agreement is required for each donor selected (pages 1 and 2).

However several photo sets may be ordered together on the same order form (page 3). You may make copies of an unsigned Agreement as needed for additional donors selected.

4. You may mail, scan and email, fax or FedEx for weekday delivery the original signed agreement(s) (pages 1 and 2) and order form (page 3) to the address, fax or email listed on the final page of the document. We also offer an electronic form for your signature below.

5. The orders will be processed upon arrival and you can expect the photo set(s) to arrive by mail, FedEx (if you select this option), or email shortly thereafter. We will contact you by phone only if we have questions regarding your order.


Consent form available here: Consent Form

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